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Thank you for your interest in presenting an abstract for HAIRCON 2021. The contribution of presenters is critical, and we value your input greatly. Please sign into the Presentation Portal with your account email address and password. If you do not have an account already, please create a new account below.

Abstract Submission to be opened: 12th January 2021.
Abstract Submission deadline: 10th February 2021.
Results to be announced: 15th February 2021.
Last day to submit recorded presentation: 20th February 2021.


1. INNOVATION Paper Criteria
The submissions can be novel techniques, unique approaches in specific subject, innovative use of existing instrument/technology and research which establishes new insight into hair treatment / diagnostics /practice of trichology or hair restoration. The innovation should be an original invention/discovery. Ten abstracts shall be shortlisted out of which 5 would be chosen for oral presentation of 5 minutes each It can include:
  • A publication in a peer reviewed journal.
  • An article which has been submitted for publication/approved.
  • An unpublished or completed research.
  • For shortlisted abstracts, a full text article would be necessary for final selection.
  • If it is a device, a video of how device works will be requested.
  • It should be accompanied by a disclaimer that it is an original invention of the author/authors.

The scientific jury of HAIRCON 2021, will select 5 papers, out of which the best paper will be awarded with Best Innovation award. Assessment Criteria: A jury will be constituted who will assess the innovation with respect to:
  • Originality and scientific logic
  • Materials and methods
  • Reliability of results
  • Utility (Relevance)

2. AWARD Paper Criteria
For oral presentation (5 minutes) award papers, it should be an original study- case report/short studies shall not be accepted for award category. Assessment: A jury will be constituted for each category of paper, who will assess with respect to the below fields:
  • Originality of the idea
  • Methodology
  • Analysis of results
  • Utility (Relevance)
  • Thoroughness of discussion- Quality of writing style in term of accuracy, clarity, readability, and organization of the study
  • Quality of research/study - Quality of research incorporating; (i) critical analysis of current literature, theories, and findings, and (ii) consistency and coherency of the study.
  • Positioning - Clear positioning of paper in existing national & international literature with a conclusion(s) that is both convincing and of significant potential.
The scientific jury will select top 5 original work, study, or research papers for HAIRCON 2020 Award paper session, out of which the best paper will be awarded.

Minimum 4 entries are required to have the award paper, in case of non-receipt of minimum 4 entries, the abstract submitted in this category shall be considered for Oral Presentation at the discretion of the jury.

The scientific jury will select top ten E posters out of which the best poster will be awarded prize by a jury.

Awarded e-posters shall be given an opportunity to present orally during the conference.

All the submitted posters shall be displayed during the conference.

4. Free Paper Presentation
Case study / short studies abstracts are accepted. A presentation of 7 minutes shall be admissible for selected abstracts in this category.

  • Registration is mandatory to submit the abstract.
  • One Author and maximum 2 co-authors are allowed per abstract.
  • Only the Presenting Author will be allowed for presentation / awards.
  • The abstracts must contain original content which is not published or presented at any other national or international conferences prior to the HAIRCON 2021.
  • As the official language for the conference is English, the abstracts must be submitted and presented in English only.
  • The abstract should not be more than 350 words, which should also be typed in the box provided on the online abstract submission page.
  • The abstract should contain the following subheadings.
    • Aims & Objectives.
    • Materials & Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
  • Authors can submit one table/ graph with their abstract. You will find an option to upload PDF on the online abstract submission page.
  • Maximum file size should be 15 MB.
  • Once the abstract is submitted, no revision or editing will be allowed.
  • Authors have the option to SAVE the abstracts as a DRAFT in case they feel that the abstracts need to be reworked on.
  • When submitting an abstract for review, make sure you click the submit button one time only. If you do not click the submit button, your abstract will be saved in the “Draft” section of the submission site.
  • “Drafts” will not be considered for review.
  • Notification regarding acceptance of the submission along with the guidelines for presentation will be sent to the author to the email provided while submitting the abstract.
  • The author may choose between the option of E-Poster / Oral presentation / E-Video. However, the scientific committee reserve the right to accept / reject / assign a different presentation type to all the abstracts submitted.
  • The abstracts sent in the mail will not be accepted for review.

Guidelines for E-Poster presentation:
  • Please download the mandatory format to prepare your Research Poster.
  • Please download the mandatory format to prepare your Case Study Poster.
  • Posters can be submitted on any topic of your research or expertise.
  • One registrant can submit maximum 2 posters, one research and one case study.
  • Two posters in the same category from one registrant shall not be admissible.
  • Posters shall not be accepted offline or via any other source than website.
  • Posters should be in single page PDF format.
  • Graphs, images, charts, etc. are allowed in the poster.
  • Font Size and type to be used are mentioned in the formats.
  • Author name, title, etc. may be filled separately in the sections available on the portal.
  • Maximum size should be 15 MB.
  • Step by step process is mentioned on the submission portal.
  • The committee shall review and decide the admissible posters.

  • An abstract must be submitted along with each surgical video submission.
  • Information for all authors involved in the submission must be entered via the online submission process.
  • The identity of the authors, institutions, and/or names of hospitals should be excluded from the surgical video submission.
  • The surgical video may not exceed 4 minutes in length. Acceptable frame size: no smaller than full screen (640 x 480 or 720 x 820 pixels)
  • Please upload your video on YouTube/Vimeo and submit the video link after logging in to the portal.
  • Please upload your video on YouTube/Vimeo and submit the video link after logging in to the portal.