Conference Highlights

  • Basic course – A step by step learning of HT from the experts in the comfort of home/ office.
  • Haircon2021 - A 360 learning in FUE
  • Learn the best practices of FUE
  • Get to know the latest trends in FUE punches
  • Preview long hair FUE – the upcoming trend
  • How to integrate the body hair transplant in the practice
  • Get to know the recent advances – exosomes/ adipocyte derived stem cells for hair growth. hair culture
  • Updates in strip surgery
  • Oral minoxidil in AGA
  • Practice integration of SMP

  • Connect with all participants
  • Information desk and live chat assistance
  • Feedback
  • Virtual briefcase for collecting paraphernalia
  • Instant Messaging available between participants
  • Network and set up virtual meetings with other users
  • Live chat with exhibitors and peers
  • All participants can ask questions
  • Access live polls instantly
  • All participants can respond to polls
  • Detailed conference agenda
  • Attendees can save specific sessions to their personal agenda
  • Live streaming of conference sessions, networking and interaction
  • Easily cycle between sessions, video, comments and Q&A
  • Live sessions
  • Access to recorded sessions after the conference
  • Exhibitions
  • Messages and comments
  • Make announcements to all users
  • Engage wth like-minded people

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

A very Happy New Year to all my dear friends and colleagues! Here’s hoping for a healthy happy and eagerly awaited 2021, both socially and academically.

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the Virtual HAIRCON2021, from 5th to 7th March, along with a comprehensive CME on 28th February 2021. The sessions are planned by our scientific chair Dr Kapil Dua and his team with the crème de la crème of our faculty from India and abroad, specializing in various aspects of Hair Restoration, so as to learn from the experts and stay up to date even during these tough COVID times.

We have been habituated to sporadic webinars covering isolated single topics on the subject. However, this virtual conference will be unique as it will cover the Hair Restoration subject exhaustively. The format of the conference remains the same as our earlier ones, the only difference being that it is spread across 4 days and with limited sessions per day. This will help retain our full attention for all the sessions even while sitting in the luxury of our homes or offices.

There will be opportunity to engage in one-on-one interactions with the speakers as well as with the industry and the exhibitors. The exhibitors have some exciting offers for all our participants too.

The entire virtual conference is organized on a robust and live digital platform with the help of our Organizing Secretary Dr Mayank Singh, to be able to provide as good a feel as that of a physical conference.

We will also have a virtual general body meeting for the AHRS members, where with immense pleasure I will hand over the reins of the Association in the able hands of our President Elect Dr. Anil Garg and his team.

I look forward to seeing you all in large numbers, even if digitally, but safely.

Dr. Lakshyajit Dhami
President AHRS
Organizing Chair HAIRCON 2021